Wedding Seating Chart: Table Numbers

If you decide to have a seating chart for your wedding reception, you will need to find a ways to label each table. One of the best parts about planning your big day is adding your personal touch to your wedding reception table numbers. Creative designs offer a great way to reflect who you are as a couple and highlight your wedding theme. Whether you are modern, classic, fun or quirky, there are lots of different ways you can take your table numbers from simple to fabulous.
Although numbers are the classic choice, you don’t have to settle for a simple white card with a number on it! There are many great choices out there. Here are just a few fun ideas I found for a more distinctive and creative way to direct guests to their tables.
Recently, brides are skipping the table numbers altogether and giving each table a name! The options are endless. Here are some ideas to jump-start your own creativity:
–          board games
–          books
–          famous couples
–          movie stars
–          movies
–          favorite countries visited throughout the world
–          famous landmarks around the world
–          types of flowers
–          types of wines
–          car brands
–          natural elements like stone, water, wood, fire, etc
–          cartoon characters and superheros
–          languages
–          musical instruments
–          sports
–          sports teams
–          desserts
–          types of cuisine
–          TV shows
–          cocktails
–          craft beers
–          types of candies
–          time periods and eras
–          favorite restaurants
–          card games


One more option:
Ask your photographer to take a few photos of you holding up numbers during your engagement session. If you are using your engagements pics for “Save the Date” cards of other wedding related correspondence, this will ensure a consistent look, as all the photos will be taken on the same day.



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