Wedding Photography Tips and Ideas

A wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Photographs that document your special day provide memories that will last a lifetime, so you want to be sure they are done right. Here are a few guidelines that will ensure you capture the best moments.

1. Photo List
There is no bigger disappointment than discovering there are missing friends or family from your wedding photos.  Prepare a list of photos you want taken for the wedding and reception including a list of all family members and friends you want included in the formal pictures. In addition to photos with your wedding party, there should be extended family photos of the bride’s family, the groom’s family and combined photos of the immediate families.  Incorporate the photo session into your timeline for the day allowing at least one hour to finish (more time if you have a big family). Preparing a list prior to the big day eliminates the chance of missed shots.

2. Location
Scout the location to find the best shots.  The photographer should visit the wedding venue prior to the actual wedding day.   By scouting the site, the photographer can determine the best locations for shooting photos.   They should also meet with the on-site wedding coordinator to discuss any rules or guidelines they may have for taking photos.  The coordinator may also suggest the perfect locations based on other weddings that have been held at the location. Try to make the site visit around the same time of day that the wedding will take place to assess lighting conditions.

3. Backup Plans
Anything can go wrong on the big day, but it won’t be a problem if you are prepared for the unexpected. Prepare a list of alternate wedding shot locations in the event of inclement weather. Determine appropriate indoor locations at the venue that provide nice backdrops should the weather drive you inside. Be prepared for deviations in the photography time line to accommodate unexpected changes.

4. Candid Shots
Though the staged shots of your wedding hold importance, the candid photos often capture even more meaningful memories. Your photographer should be on hand during the bulk of the reception to shoot as many candids as possible. You can also tell your guests to download apps like WedPics where they can take photos on their phones that upload to one online gallery.  You will have tons of candid photos from your guests to look at after the festivities are over.

5. Offbeat photo shoot
Many wedding couples choose to stage some offbeat photo shoots in addition to the wedding day. Brides who have no desire to save their wedding dress are opting for “trash the dress” shoots.  The couple will dive into a pool or slide in mud to get some unique photos for their album.

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