Wedding Locations: Tents

There are many kinds of ways to hold a wedding.  You can have one in a hotel, banquet facility or outdoor area like a park.  When choosing to hold a wedding in an outdoor area it is important to always be prepared for the elements.  Planning for a tent at your outdoor wedding is ideal for providing shelter from rain, extreme sunlight and wind.  Having a tented wedding can also be a cost effective yet elegant way to celebrate your special occasion.  Whether you are planning a large wedding reception, or a small intimate ceremony, you can find a tent that is perfect for your occasion. However it is important that you know the different types available.
Pole Tents
These are some of the most popular and inexpensive tents available. They come in different sizes and are easy to assemble. The design comprises a tall center pole and shorter perimeter poles. The tent is supported with ropes or tie-downs and the anchoring has to be secure to ensure that the tent stays up. This type of tent, with its peaked roof, is very common for weddings but it requires a large space for the set- up.
Frame Tents
For those looking for a simple and elegant shelter, the A-frame tent is the perfect solution. This tent does not require tie-downs to keep it stable, making it convenient where there is limited space. The tent comes in different sizes and it has no center or interior poles creating an open concept for dancing and dining. This type of tent needs to be installed professionally, and it is often made of vinyl with metal side poles.
Clear Span Tent
These structure tents have an aluminum frame support with no center pole. They are often very large and look somewhat like an airplane hangar. They are ideal for large events and are weather resistant. They usually come in all white and can spread to over 160 feet wide. They have a vinyl cover and they need to be set up by professionals.
Tension Tents
A high peaked tension tent looks a lot like the pole tent, and requires the use of tie-downs round the perimeter, but it is much higher. The center pole is much taller creating more space that is interior and an airy feeling. The tents come in large and are perfect for upscale weddings, where the additional space is perfect for decorating.
Canopy or Marquee
For those on a tight budget, or those who choose to have a small intimate wedding, a canopy or a marquee can offer the perfect solution. This tent is easy to assemble and will not require professional installation. They are inexpensive and are ideal to use in the backyard when entertaining at home. With no interior poles, the sides are open and are perfect when the weather is beautiful, but they do not provide much protection from the wind or heavy rain.
When choosing the right tent for your event, you should think about the location, the number of guests and your budget. Make sure that you hire tents from a reputable company that has good quality products.
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