Wedding Food Tasting

Every season there seems to be a new trend that arises in the wedding world.  One trend that I recently came across is having tasting events at your party.  Whether it is food tastings or beverage tastings these events at your wedding can be very interactive to your guests.

One popular tasting idea is a tea tasting.   You can showcase exotic teas from places where you’ve traveled or regional teas from where your family is from.   Giving a little history about each tea and the significance to you can add to the experience.  Having an attendant pour into guests’ glasses elevates the experience for your guests.

For wine lovers a wine tasting is a perfect fit.  There are many vineyards that offer these at events or you can hire a sommelier come in and lead the tasting.  Pairing the wine with cheese also enhances the guests’ experience.  Your guests can get some education as well as party the night away!

Coffee tastings can end the night on a great note.  Hiring a coffee expert to teach guests about different roasts and locales can really be a hit.  Adding personalized little bags of coffee as take always will ensure guests won’t forget your big night.

When deciding to add a tasting event at your party, remember to hire people from reputable companies who have the credentials to host such events.  Remember to understand who the audience will be so that you can create tastings that reflect your guests’ preferences.  And always remember to have fun!

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