Wedding Beauty: Spa Ready for the Big Day!

Spas are the perfect place to get ready for your wedding day. But what spa treatments should you get, and when should you get them? Here’s a treatment timetable that works for your big day.
Getting Ready for your Wedding At the Spa:
1.         Two months to go – Get more aggressive facial treatments like micro-dermabrasion and glycolic peels. They remove the skin’s outer layers and leave you glowing, but the skin needs time to recover.
2.         One month to go: Get a facial to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and treat your face and neck. Extractions and outbreaks will  have time to clear up.
3.         Two weeks to go: Get a body treatment like a salt glow to look perfect in skin-revealing gowns.
Follow with a relaxing massage or hot stone massage.  Drink plenty of water afterwards.
If you like the tan look, get a spray tan for a beautiful golden glow.
4.         One week to go: Get your spa manicure and pedicure out of the way.
5.         Wedding Day! Now that all of your spa appointments are done, it’s time to concentrate on hair, make-up and getting dressed to look your bridal best.

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