Questions to ask your Make-up Artist

I often hear a lack of knowledge about what the bride-to-be should be discussing with a make-up artist. I find they really have no idea what questions to ask. The person you choose to provide your makeup services the day of your wedding will likely be spending several hours with you. Book an artist you feel comfortable with, that you communicate easily with and who you naturally find yourself trusting.
Here are some questions to ask your vendor
  1. How many weddings have you done?
  2. How do I book you for my wedding date? Do you require a deposit?
  3. Will it be YOU at my wedding or another artist? What happens if you can’t make it on my day?
  4. What size of bridal party do you accommodate? How long will it take to get makeup for my bridal party
  5. What kinds/brands of products do you use? Is this makeup good for pictures or photography?
  6. I have skin allergies or severe acne. Can you work with me? Do you airbrush? Can you contour my face? How about covering blemishes or my tattoo? Do you apply false lashes? Do you do wedding hair?
  7. Do you charge a travel or location fee? How far do you travel for that fee?
  8. What happens at the Trial Run or Preview Session? Do I come to you for this appointment? How much is the Trial or is it included in your services? How long will the Trial Run take? What is included in the Trial Run?
  9. On my wedding day, do I come to you, or do you travel to my venue (or where I’m getting dressed)?
  10. How many events will you work on my wedding day?
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