Interview by: A Simple Toast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a wonderful colleague of mine about Indian weddings.  Her name is Eileen and she is the CEO and founder of A Simple Toast where you can create personal and corporate gifts that are really fun.  You can read more about her company at Many of our readers are not(…)

10 Ways Bridesmaids Can Help the Bride

1.      There’s more to being a bridesmaid than parading down the aisle in a lovely pink saree. Celebrate your friend and her groom by helping her out and adding some extra fun to this often stressful, but very special time. Here are some of our best ideas, to inspire you to go above and beyond your(…)

Wedding Food Tasting

Every season there seems to be a new trend that arises in the wedding world.  One trend that I recently came across is having tasting events at your party.  Whether it is food tastings or beverage tastings these events at your wedding can be very interactive to your guests. One popular tasting idea is a(…)

Wedding Programs

When it comes to deciding on programs for your wedding ceremony, there are a number of things to consider- how much information you have to share, the time of year, your overall theme/style, etc. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony in the summer, a fan program would fit wonderfully, but if you’re planning a long(…)

Wedding Locations: Tents

There are many kinds of ways to hold a wedding.  You can have one in a hotel, banquet facility or outdoor area like a park.  When choosing to hold a wedding in an outdoor area it is important to always be prepared for the elements.  Planning for a tent at your outdoor wedding is ideal(…)

Welcome Bags

Your wedding is around the corner, and family and friends from all over are gathering to celebrate your big day. If you can’t be at the hotel to greet them, A welcome bag is a wonderful way for your guests to start their wedding weekend with you. Fill the bag with lots of personalized goodies(…)

Unique Tables

I recently went to a tradeshow in where they had a table top contest.  I saw some really great ideas and it got me thinking about how many different ways a table can be set.  One great setting I saw at the show one year looked like there was an impromptu dinner taking place in(…)

What’s your theme?

Creating a theme for your event.. I find that couples are looking into creating themes for every event associated with their wedding.  They don’t only create a theme for their reception but also all of the pre wedding events.  I have seen many different ideas brought to the table and wanted to share a couple of my(…)

It’s all about Food….

Hello Everyone! I wanted to take the time to talk about a subject everyone loves to talk about- food.  When creating a menu for an event every person wants to do something different.  I recently came across an ice cream station as part of a dessert menu at an event. This got me thinking about(…)

Questions to ask your Make-up Artist

I often hear a lack of knowledge about what the bride-to-be should be discussing with a make-up artist. I find they really have no idea what questions to ask. The person you choose to provide your makeup services the day of your wedding will likely be spending several hours with you. Book an artist you(…)

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