Baraat Ideas…One Horse or Six Hundred Horses

The traditional Indian wedding establishes a bond between two families and their cultures. The marriage ceremony is a series of colorful event spread over two to three days. One of the important and fun ceremonies is the arrival of the groom (known as Baraat) on the day of the wedding. A Baraat is a huge parade of family and friends of the groom, dancing their way to the ceremony site. This is the grooms chance to make a grand entrance with his friends and relatives, who are called the “baraatis”.
I have seen a groom enter on a horse, an elephant and even a Ferrari. A baraat is generally for about 30 minutes, during which the friends and family members dance around the groom. They usually have a Dj and Dhol player to add to the mood.
Traditionally, the Groom’s entrance is on a beautifully decorated White horse. Recently grooms are opting for different entrance options to really impress and the limitation is their imagination (And maybe rules of your Venue!)
Baraat options we have recently discussed with our clients are:
Tampa Trolleys, car, yacht, speed boat, jet ski, helicopter, elephants and convertibles.
Some additional baraat tips:
·         For an evening baraat fireworks are a beautiful addition
·         Have guests throw flower petals which will look gorgeous in photos
·         Serve light refreshments of cold beverages to guests, especially if it is taking place outside during summer
·         Consider giving matching safas or scarves to the male guests to wear. This could become favors after the procession.



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